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Being a musician in the COVID-19 era

As so many commentators have said, what strange times we are living in! The social distancing mantra has become a part of us, and interactions with people now has an awkwardness; we are wary and keeping our distance. For musicians the lockdown has meant an almost immediate end to all work – no concerts, gigs […]

Bonnie J Jessen Quartet in Sydney on te%


Behind the scenes

A recently produced recording for Rob E. Thomas, featuring 6 big band tracks and 7 jazz combo tracks. Some behind the scenes video from the recording studio. Stay tuned for the release!

Without a Word

Performed at the Tokyo TUC Jazz Club. Composed by Bonnie J Jensen (also piano & vocal) and Graham on alto flute.

Papa Lips

Papa Lips, composed by Bob Mintzer & performed by ‘The Midday Show’ band, with Graham on flute and Paul Panichi (muted trumpet).

St Thomas

Graham with Lee Hutchings on ‘The Midday Show’, playing 13 instruments in 4 minutes (based on Sonny Rollins’ St Thomas).

One Note Samba

Recorded at the Tokyo TUC jazz club, this clip features Graham on flute with Bonnie J Jensen.